White Rose Ventures Announces Investment in Galleon: A Revolutionary Real Estate Platform

Apr 29, 2024 | Announcements

In an era where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our lives, real estate transactions have remained notably resistant to the wave of innovation that has transformed other industries. Recognizing the need for change and the potential for significant impact, White Rose Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest investment in Galleon (https://galleon.io), a groundbreaking real estate platform poised to redefine the way we think about buying and selling homes.

A Vision for the Future of Real Estate Transactions

Galleon stands at the forefront of a real estate revolution, harnessing the power of decentralization and artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify the property transaction process. With an audacious commitment to transforming residential real estate transactions, Galleon challenges the status quo by removing unnecessary friction and inefficiencies currently plaguing the real estate market.

The Problem with Current Real Estate Transactions

The traditional real estate model is fraught with challenges: high transaction costs, centralized control by incumbent associations, and a limited inventory visible through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Sellers and buyers are bogged down by a process that is not only expensive but also gatekept by a system that hasn’t seen significant innovation in decades.

Galleon’s Revolutionary Solution

Galleon’s platform is designed to address these pain points head-on. By letting sellers set their “Bye Price™,” Galleon offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to receive vetted offers without the need to actively list their homes. This approach not only opens up a new universe of inventory for buyers but also empowers sellers with control and flexibility over their transactions.

The platform’s AI enablement is powered by Navigator—a tool that allows homeowners to transact without conventional brokers—creating an ecosystem where agency is prioritized over agents. Galleon’s exclusive inventory promises to uncover a wealth of properties previously hidden from the public eye, providing buyers with unparalleled access to potential homes.

Why Now?

The timing couldn’t be better for such a disruptive entrant into the real estate market. With pending lawsuits challenging the National Association of Realtors’ practices and a growing demand for more inventory amid higher interest rates, the landscape is ripe for change. Galleon’s innovative approach, powered by advanced technologies, stands to benefit immensely from these shifting dynamics.

Leadership Driving Innovation in Real Estate

The driving force behind Galleon’s innovation in the real estate sector is its team of seasoned professionals, led by CEO Amanda Orson. Based in York County Pennsylvania, and with a proven track record of steering startups to success, Amanda embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Her journey includes leading the US expansion of British fintech Curve, where she played a critical role in its $95M Series C fundraise, and her pivotal roles in the successful sale and growth of various technology ventures. 

Her leadership is augmented by a team of experts in operations, product development, finance, and data engineering, each bringing rich experience from fintech, proptech, and beyond. This collective expertise ensures Galleon is not just envisioning a new future for real estate transactions, but has the means to put that vision on a path to reality. Together, they stand at the cusp of transforming the real estate industry, making transactions more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly for everyone involved.


Our Commitment

At White Rose Ventures, we are committed to supporting visionary companies that redefine their industries. Galleon’s blend of quality, creativity, and visibility aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy. By backing Galleon, we’re not just investing in one of York County’s most promising entrepreneurs; we’re supporting a movement towards a more transparent, efficient, and fair real estate market. 

Our investment in Galleon signifies our belief in their team’s ability to execute a bold vision for the future of real estate. Their broad experience and successful track record of previous ventures sets a solid foundation for success.

Looking Forward

As Galleon continues to develop its platform and expand its market presence, White Rose Ventures is excited to be part of this journey. We believe Galleon will not only transform the real estate industry but also offer homeowners and buyers a more streamlined, cost-effective, and empowering experience.

We invite you to learn more about Galleon and how they’re changing the face of real estate at https://galleon.io 

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White Rose Ventures Announces Investment in Galleon: A Revolutionary Real Estate Platform

Apr 29, 2024 | Announcements