What do you invest in?

We are industry and stage agnostic. We are opportunistic with how we source and invest in companies and founders. If you and your team have an opportunity that can translate into superior returns, we’d love to talk!

Where do you invest?

We invest primarily in companies that are located in, or plan to expand into, York, Dauphin and Lancaster Counties. We have a limited capacity to use a portion of our funds to invest across the state of Pennsylvania.

How early do you invest?

We have the opportunity to invest at the earliest stages. No matter how early you are though, we’d love to talk and help you find the resources and support you need.

How small or large are your check sizes?

We do not have any set minimum or maximum investment sizes. We are comfortable with small check sizes and large ones depending on the opportunity.

Do you provide more than capital?

Yes. We want to use our resources and connections to support and advance your business. It’s important to us that our portfolio companies understand the value of community collaboration.

How long does it take for you to decide to invest?

It will vary, but if we have conviction behind a team and its ability to execute on a vision, we like to move quickly.

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