White Rose Ventures primarily invests in early-stage tech or tech-enabled businesses across South Central Pennsylvania that aspire to achieve ambitious and sustainable revenue growth.

The counties highlighted in yellow represent our current investments.


Entrepreneurs in South Central Pennsylvania build tomorrow’s most influential businesses. Capital and community accelerate their growth.

This is where White Rose Ventures comes in. We invest in early-stage companies with teams that articulate and execute their visions leading to expedited and sustainable growth. As a network-driven venture firm, collaboration is at the core of our value creation philosophy. This is how we build long-term value for our portfolio companies.



Galleon is a residential real estate marketplace where customers can list, browse, and purchase homes not listed on the MLS. Their mission is to expand residential real estate inventory, simplify the transaction, and empower customers to purchase and sell homes on their terms.


Founded by a team of youth fitness instructors, the team share a passion for teaching kids healthy habits and bring together complementary backgrounds from professional sports and healthcare technology. Their products are backed by exercise science and neuroscience professionals with experience in NASM Certified Youth Exercise, YMCA Sports Instruction, Mindfulness-Based Performance, functional neurology, osteopathy, and brain research.


Wove is a fine jewelry e-commerce company that is focused on solving the challenges that consumers face when shopping for engagement rings. The company’s platform provides a limitless selection of engagement rings with total certainty through consultative commerce.

The Pretzel Company

The Pretzel Company, formerly York City Pretzel Company, is a York-based soft pretzel wholesaler and distributor. With customers all across the country, they are quickly becoming one of the top pretzel wholesalers nationally.

Gilson Snow®

Gilson Snow is an American snowboard and ski manufacturer based in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Gilson is the largest producer of custom snowboards and skis in the country. The company locally sources its hardwoods from sustainably harvested Pennsylvania poplar and states a commitment to responsible manufacturing.


EVERMIND is a premium functional beverage made from all-natural plant-based ingredients, designed to unleash the full potential of real food in nourishing the brain. By providing both immediate cognitive enhancement and long-term brain health benefits, this unique product offers an all-in-one solution for your mental vitality needs.


TEAMology is the company behind TEAMtalk, an interactive student-facing platform built to understand and report on students’ social, emotional and mental health and well-being. TEAMology’s mission is to understand and improve emotional health in order to give every child access to the support they need to succeed in school, career and life.


ReturnLogic is a B2B SaaS platform for e-commerce companies to build and enhance their returns management processes. They aspire to be the operating system for returns.

Pledge It

Pledge It is a comprehensive and innovative online fundraising platform that empowers thousands of individuals and charities to achieve their fundraising goals with minimal effort. By harnessing the “power of performance,” Pledge It has revolutionized the way fundraising is conducted online, providing a robust and user-friendly platform that enables users to raise more funds with greater ease.


Reflexion improves cognitive performance by training and assessing neuro skills using cutting-edge touchscreen lightboards and virtual reality headsets. By improving skills such as reaction time, eye-hand coordination and peripheral vision, Reflexion helps athletes make better decisions on the field and recover faster from injuries.


cyberconIQ is an integrated risk management platform that reduces the risk of cyber attacks by focusing on the human vulnerabilities inherent in cybersecurity. It offers a differentiated, patented platform to strengthen the last mile of the “human firewall” against known and predictable cyber vulnerabilities.

NAQI Logix

Naqi Logix is a revolutionary platform technology company that offers a completely hands-free, voice-free, and even screen-free solution for navigating the invisible environment and controlling all your devices with ease. It is a cutting-edge breakthrough that has wide-ranging applications, including enhancing accessibility, revolutionizing gaming experiences, and facilitating the control of robots, drones, smart home devices, and more.